2.0.0-rc.3 6/2/2023

  • Nuxt 3 ready
  • Useful CldImage.vue component
  • Handy useCldImageUrl composable
  • Automatically optimize images and deliver in modern formats
  • Remove backgrounds from images
  • Dynamically add image and text overlays to images

v1.0.3 7/7/2021

🐛 Bug fixes:

#77 - Update cloudinary-vue version dependency.

🌹 Improvements:

#48 - Optimize build for TypeScript

v1.0.2 11/25/2020

🐛 Bug fixes:

  • CRITICAL - cloudinary nodejs package is leaked to client-side caused huge bundle size increase on run time
  • cloudinary-api generated wrongly on compiling time

v1.0.1 10/27/2020

Bug fixes:

  • #31 Error api_key of undefined when using upload without options params.


  • #29 Allow client-side signed upload (secured)
  • Support both camelCase and snake_case convention when passing params to options fields in config(), upload(), explicit() calls.
  • Add ready-to-copy examples on Documentation.

❤️ Lots of thanks to @syropian for your contributions ❤️

v1.0.0 10/7/2020

🔥 Features:

  • #18 - Upload an media asset support for both client-side and server-side
  • Find and manipulate a specific asset on Cloudinary support (server-side)
  • Allow to pre-generate optimized delivery url for media asset on Cloudinary (server-side) based on given parameters.
  • Generate thumbnail picture for a video to use as its poster.
  • #24 - $cloudinary can be used on client-side when useComponent is enabled.
  • Auto optimizing with built-inf_auto and q_auto

☘️ Improvements (Breaking changes):

  • Deprecate the old API syntax ($cloudinary())
  • Introduce better and friendlier APIs, separating between image and video handling: $cloudinary.image and $cloudinary.image
  • $cloudinary.config() returns a new instance instead of overriding the current configuration, allowing to use different configurations such as cloudName for different assets within an application.
  • Add unit tests coverage
  • Refactor and document code using JSDoc.

📒 Documentation improvements

  • Add Snippets section for interesting and common use cases.
  • #17 - Add Integration examples on how to use the module with @nuxt/content hooks for optimizing images on build time.
  • Add Advanced section for more complex use cases such as pre-generate optimized delivery url for an asset based on a set of transformation
  • Separate Image and Video section.
  • Add Upload media assets section with more detailed information about uploading on client-side and server-side.
  • Document CldPlaceholder component with examples.
  • Update new feature APIs

Enjoy 💕

v0.0.11 9/9/2020

  1. Stablize documentation
  2. Fix privateCdn value error when using useComponent without setting privateCdn

v0.0.8 8/6/2020

Initial version 🚀